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04 2019-12
In recent years, the development momentum of the reducer industry is "excellent"

Reducer has a history of nearly 40 years in China, and has been widely used in various fields of national economy and national defense industry. The speed reducer is an independent component composed of gear transmission, worm transmission, and gear-worm transmission enclosed in a rigid housing. It

27 2019-11
Talking about the professional terms and codes of reducer

Now customers order a type, and the manufacturer organizes the production according to the type provided by the customer. I list a type: R77-32.72-Y2.2KW-4P-M1-0 °, where R77 is the type of reducer, 32.72 It is a reducer, 2.2 is the motor power, 4P is a level 4 motor, 2.2KW is 1420 rpm, M1 is the in

12 2019-11
How is the "grade" of the reducer gear divided?

Twelve precision levels are specified, which are sequentially represented by numbers 1, 2, 3, ... 12 in order of accuracy from high to low, and most commonly used are 5 to 9 levels of precision. In addition, according to the requirements of the accuracy of the motion, the smoothness of the transmiss

09 2019-11
Countermeasures and views on avoiding pitting corrosion in gear reducer

Abstract: During the gear repair and reloading process of the reducer, the repair technical regulations are strictly implemented to ensure that the gears of each part are in place, the impurities of each contact part are removed together, the axial empty space of the gear is adjusted, and then the c

02 2019-11
How should the cycloid reducer reduce the temperature?

The operating temperature of smooth oil in cycloidal pinwheel reducers should generally not exceed 90 degrees Celsius. If the temperature is too high, the physicochemical properties of the oil will change. For example, reducing the viscosity of the smooth oil reduces the load-bearing capacity of the

29 2019-10
How to improve the life of reducer

Friends who have contacted the reducer know that the service life of the reducer is determined by the external load and internal wear rate. The excessive load on the surface and inside of the reducer may cause the fracture of teeth, the fracture of shaft and the wear of moving parts, and the wear of

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