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  • How to choose the rolling bearing of ordinary lathe


    There are many types of rolling bearings, and the following factors can be considered when selecting.How to choose the rolling bearing of ordinary lathe?①The magnitude, direction and nature of the load. Ball bearings are suitable for light loads, and roller bearings are suitable for heavy loads and Read More

  • China's electric car crisis: multi-gear gearbox is coming


    China’s electric car crisis: the multi-gear ratio gearbox is here. At present, a company called Drive System Design (hereinafter referred to as DSD) is seeking investors around the world. A multi-gear ratio gearbox developed for commercial application.   Seeing this right now, some people may disagr Read More

  • Design principles of reducer gears


    The gear is a very important accessory for the entire reducer. During the operation of the equipment, the gears and gears are actually in a state of interlocking with each other. Therefore, in order to use the equipment efficiently, it is necessary to carry out a reasonable design for every accessory. Especially at the gears. However, the following principles should also be adhered to when designing Read More

  • How to solve the oil leakage of the reducer


    After using the reducer for a long time, a comprehensive inspection should be carried out so that we can find some hidden dangers in time. In order to make the equipment run efficiently, we generally refuel in time. But we should also solve the oil spill in time. Read More

  • How to improve the heat dissipation efficiency of the reducer


    The electric drum is a new type of driving device, which places the motor and reducer in the drum body. It is mainly used for fixed and mobile belt conveyors, instead of traditional motors, the reducer is an independent drive device outside the drive drum. Read More

  • The output revolution of the reducer


    Whenever the speed of the equipment needs to be controlled, then we need the help of a reducer, because the equipment can achieve the function of controlling the speed. The following is an introduction about its output revolutions. Through the understanding of output revolutions, efficiency can be improved. Read More

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